Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sister Houston is Home!!

well i can't believe that 18 months has past and Tori is home from her mission. Time really does fly. Tori made it home on October 27. she seems to be adjusting well so far. But i think deep down inside she would hop back on that plane and head back to Ohio to be a full time missionary again. She has alot of decisions to make in the next little while and i know whatever she chooses to do she will do it well. She has always given herself 100% to what ever she does. Go see her blog if you want to keep up on her. I am gonna turn it over to her now!

Mitchell is doing great. He is serving in Springfield Missouri right now and loving every minute of being a missionary. His favorite line when he emails is " This is my best week ever" he basically says it every week!! and says that everyday is the Best!! check out his blog if you would like to keep updated on him.

Hunter is a Senior and already has senior-itise!! poor kid he still has awhile yet to go before he graduates. He is busy working out at "the pit" which is his mma gym. He is really enjoying that at this time. mom not so much.....who wants to see their baby punched haha. but i will survive. i am glad he is enjoying it. He also stays busy working on the trucks for us and is learning alot.

We added a new face to the household too a few months ago.. Our nephew Anthony moved down from Las vegas and is living with us. He is currently working a few hours for us and looking also for more work. but we are thrilled to have him be apart of our crazy lives.

me and kevin we just getting older and well you know what comes with older.....

My grandkids are getting big: Kael will be 3 on Nov 20th and Claire just had her first birthday on Oct 15th. They wear me out but i wouldnt have it any other way!!! i love being a Nana!!! its the best!!
shalyse and chase are getting ready to start a new school adventure...... Chase is going to school and shalyse is gonna have the adventure of being a single mom of a husband that is at the library or locked in his room studying!!

Definately some fun times happening for our family!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

OH MY.......time does fly!!!!!! its been forever since i posted anything....no really it has been forever.....so much has happened since 2010 haha so sad that i haven't kept my blog up!! i really meant to but when Tori left on her mission i seemed to focus on keeping her blog updated. so if it means anything i did keep a blog up just not mine!! so now that she is coming home this month maybe i can get back to doing mine....haha oh wait i have another missionary out.....Mitchell left on his mission in may of this year. ok i will try to get something in here to update our lives.

sooo watch for it.... otherwise go to sister houston@blogspot.com or elder mitchell houston@blogspot.com and get updated on my two missionaries

MORE TO COME...... promise

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer?? When did that happen??

Ya summer was here and now it is gone!!! Amazing how fast that went!! It started out kinda slow and ended in a fast crazy frenzy!! I have been so good at keeping up Tori's blog that i forgot about keeping mine up!! haha

Lets see i will try to some up our summer in just a few paragraphs!!
June - we ended up in Texas for a week right after school was out! not much happend the rest of the month. The boys headed to the lake a few times to losen up there muscles so they could show them off the the girls!! They went as often as there dad would take them! The lake is something we can always count on for a great time!!
July - Me and Kevin both had birthdays in July!! yipee for Birthdays!! I decided that the grandbabies get to have all my birthdays from now on!! Kevin headed up to Holbrook and New Mexico for a couple of weeks for work. So while he was gone Me and Hunter took a road trip to Las Vegas to visit the family!! We stayed with Travis and Tanya and the rest of the gang!! It was fun to get away and visit!! We headed home with three extra kids!! Cortney, Anthony and Colin!! Crazy kids wanted to come hang out in Arizona? It was so fun!! Hunter seemed to keep them all entertained!! poor Cortney, the only girl cousin in the group of smelly boys!! but she was a trooper!! I loved having all of them here for the week and i hope they had a great time too!! See ya next summer!!
August - Started out not such a good month!! We lost a niece Beth Houston, to a motorcycle accident. She just missed her 25th birthday by a few days!! Beth belongs to Kevins brother Rick! What a sad thing to have happen, but thank heavens we all have the gospel and know we will see her again! Then a few days after Beth's accident we got a call from the family that Kevins uncle FD had passed away!!! He has been ill for some time!! so guess what we did? ya headed to Vegas to attend 2 funerals!! It was a hard, long weekend!!

Soooo basically that was our summer!! School began on August 11 and Hunter began his Jr year at Mesa high!! He has a full load of classes and is working for his dad after school mechanicing on the dump trucks! And is enjoying life as a 16 year old!! all tho he reminds me daily that his birthday is just a few weeks away!!! Mitch is busy looking for employment again!! He was able to work with the census for awhile and then has been doing odd jobs here and there but has yet to land a good job!! Tori is doing great!! she is loving her mission and we miss her!!
Shalyse is very pregnant...... and is ready to have her baby girl!! (still no name yet) October 18th can't come soon enough for her. But in spite of being miserable she is a great mom to a busy almost 2 year old!! Chase is busy working his butt off and being a patient husband and wonderful daddy!!
Kael.... oh what can i say...... I LOVE being a grandma!!! he is the highlight of my life!! So glad we can spoil them rotten!! cause i do!! Kael is a typical little busy boy and i love every minute of it!! but he does wear me out!! But i can send him home to mom and dad!!
Well that's our summer !! The holidays will be here before we know it so enjoy life now before it gets hectic again!!