Monday, August 10, 2009

much needed update

These are a little back wards but thats okay. :)
Father's Day in Dewey/Prescott

Family Reunion
Rocky... spoiled?

Tobin's Farwell
Hunter and Kael
Tori and Danette
Amber, Braiden, Tori, and Hunter
Graduation 2009
Colten and Mitchell's Prom

Colten's Birthday

Kevin and Danette dancing
Grandpa and Kael
Mitch, Danette and Hunter

Jamie and Jarom's Wedding
Danette and Rocky at the park
Kael and Grandma sleeping
Kael, Grandma and Aunt Tori
Kael and Shalyse
St. George Temple
Tori and Danette in Idaho at the temple. Tori was moving up there for four months.
Colten and Mitchell
Rocky (the other baby in the family)

So yeah, this is Shalyse, since my mom doesn't update her blog EVER since I set it up for her I figured I would do it for her this time and hopefully I can train her better and get her blogging. Anywho, I haven't done anything since Christmas so A LOT has happened since then. In January Mitchell turned 18, it's crazy he will be able to turn his papers in so soon for his mission. He is growing up so much my baby brother. (sniff, sniff) Hunter got surgery on his shoulder and is doing pretty good. He will have to do physical therapy for a while and not much with sports till he's in prime condition. Tori is single and searching for that perfect major hunky dunk. Ha, ha just teasing Tori. Love you. She is starting college. She still not quite sure what she wants to major in but figured she better get the pre recs out of the way since they need do be done anyways. Me I'm just peachy, as you can tell I actually update my blog. Ha, ha. Mom has been crazy busy with girls camp and her spoiled kids (us) and her spoiled rotten grandbaby. She has been missing her sister Cyni who officially moved to Texas with her family. They had an opportunity with business out there and they took it. They are doing good as far as I know. We miss them so much but are lovin hanging out in their pool. ha ha. (even though we hung out in there pool when they were here) Dad as been workin hard on Houston Trucking. That's basically the scoop on us. Birthdays, Weddings, Family Reunions, Traveling, Packing, Saying Good byes, Graduations, and Swimming. Hopefully it won't be another six months until I get her to update her blog.

ta ta for now,