Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So we've had a lot happen. Christmas was great and we got to go to a ton of family parties. Santa gave everyone awesome goodies this year!

Shalyse and Chase blessed Kael on January 4th.

Then the very next morning I drove Tori to Idaho. (sniff, sniff) She is living in Rexburg by BYU. She isn't attending school but her cousin is. She just wanted some change so she moved up there close to where her cousin is and living with three other girls in an apartment. She is freezing her butt off, but enjoying her time there. I'm so proud of her!! Love you babe! 

Me and Shalyse took Kael to the Wildlife Zoo for the first time with his cousins. I think me and Shalyse had more fun than he did. :)

We are enjoying being Grandparents and seeing our lil' Kael all the time. We miss Tori (even Hunter and Mitchell) hehe. Mitch just turned 18 on Jan. 14th, only a year to go before his mission. He is also getting close to graduating from Mesa High Hunter is getting close to finishing his last year in Jr. High. So crazy my baby is going to be in High School!! Hunter is pretty bummed about his shoulder though. He played football this year for Taylor and hurt his shoulder. His is going to have to have surgery, so this possibly means no baseball this year. He is doing track though and has been practicing for that. 
Well "Life is Good" in the Houston household.
That's all for this month's update