Friday, February 8, 2008

Best Christmas Ever!!

This was the first christmas that we didn't have Shalyse home with us. But Chase and her didn't let that stop them from coming over really, really early and waking everybody up. They got to sit in with us while we all grogily opened presents...


"Look mom, now I can pretend I have muscles!"

Hunter and mom

"Guitar hero rocks!"

"hey dad, I think that was mom's present, pink's just not your color."

We all got some pretty sweet stuff but nothing beat Chase and Shalyse's surprise...

Chase and Shalyse announce they were pregnant. They gave all the kids a onesie and mom and dad a tee shirt that said 'Grandpa in training' and 'Grandma in training'. Everyone was really excited about them having our first grandbaby. Unfortunatly Shalyse had a miscarriage not even a month later. She was pretty devistated, as were we all. She recovered well and they are going to give it another try in a month or so.


The Hills said...

how fun that you have a blog! i love it... glad to know that chase is keeping up on the family tradition of getting up early even when there are no little kiddies. tyson still complains about that:) and tell kevin that robe is hot!

Angela said...

Welcome new blogger!! I love the Christmas pics. I haven't updated my blog in forever and have no Christmas on there yet. Maybe I'll play some catch up soon.

We were so sorry to hear about Shalyse. Been there done that! Not fun! Tell her to give me a call if she wants to talk, but it sounds like she's back to the grind already.

Take care! Love, Angela

Trevor, Brittany, and Addison Gardner said...

Hello Houstons! Glad you've discovered my new addiction. Hope you guys are all well!